Lawn service & Snow Removal

Lawn Services

When you partner with Pure Green Lawn Service we provide grass mowing services, weed whipping, edging, and we blow all driveways, walkways, and the road, leaving no trace that we were there other than the fact that your lawn looks fantastic. We take pride in being your professional lawn service partner.

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Fertilizing & Spraying

Fertilizing & Spraying

We will apply pre-emergent weed control, two nitrogen based applications, and a winterizer. Not only will we fertilize, we will spray your yard with weed control twice a year and spot spray as needed. 

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Shrub Trimming

If you need shrub trimming in the Rochester, Minnesota area, then please  contact Pure Green Lawn Service. Our experienced team are some of the best around, and they will make sure you are completely satisfied with  all landscaping and lawn care services provided. We take great pride in  beautiful lawns and landscapes and it shows. If you'd like a quote for shrub trimming, just call or text 507-272-1676, and we will get back to you with an estimate.

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Snow Removal

Snow Removal Services

Pure Green Lawn Service specializes in snow removal during the winter months. 

We can provide a variety of options to keep your driveway or parking lot clear of snow and ice in the winter months, either as a one-time project or based on a monthly/seasonal contract.

Pure Green Lawn Service provides snow removal to: 

  • residential customers
  • commercial property owners
  • corporate office buildings/suites
  • retail shopping centers 

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